Anne’s Recovery

One thought on “Anne’s Recovery

  1. barbara summey says:

    I do know how dreams seems to fade, but your right, God has a plan for us all, and if we new some of the plans, we may more depress, when you get age and health problems, it will hit again, I assure you, I just call it an adventure of ones life. It is very hard to not get depress, but we must press on, their is always some body out there that need you. Pray for my husband he has cancer, pray for me, also, my brother has 5 grand children who, parents are not being parents right now, and these kids, need love, attention, education and protection, please asked God to wrap those arms around these kids daily and at night. I really worry about them, I know you wrap your lovely arms around your children, I just do not understand when people have kids, and than they do not want to care for them… their is a set of twins girl and a boy, age 5, age 4 boy, age 2 and age 6.. they do not take the kids for any activities just do not care, do not want them to go school… it just one thing to the next…please pray for their survial…thank you


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