Show ready

Our house is still on the market. Eric and I would really love to downsize. It would be nice to have more monthly margin to cover Anne’s medical expenses, and I think I would enjoy having less house to clean!

Call me crazy but I love having my house on the market. I like the adventure of waking up and not knowing whether we will have a showing or not. I get excited when someone calls with a local number… it might be a real estate agent! The best part about listing your house for sale is that it has to be CLEAN! I love having a clean house. But I’m really bad about keeping it clean for my own satisfaction. I have to have external pressure to make me clean… Like someone coming over. Lots of people come over when your house is on the market!!

I know… I’m a little strange, but that just makes life more interesting;-) Now excuse me while I go clean my house, we have a showing tonight!

One thought on “Show ready

  1. Been there, done that many, many times! Can’t say I enjoyed having houses on the market, though. We were always in the process of building another one while the one we were in was on the market and that made me a little nervous. I moved way too many times while I was married. I think we built four or five houses in 36 years! Now have shown-sized a whole lot! Living in a 1350 sq. ft. garden home and I love it. Just enough room for me and my boyfriend. Small back yard to care for and very little to clean. But Bobby does all the major cleaning for me. He’s also my landscaper and cook! He’s great to have around for a lot of reasons, not to mention I love him! Found out, too, I didn’t need a 3000 sq. ft. house when I was the only one in it most of the time, so my EX paid me half it’s worth in the divorce settlement and it’s his and his new Russian bride’s house. They live in WV and come home every now and then. Can’t sell that big of a house in this economy! But I’m happy! We have a homeowners’ association and they take care of our front yards every Thursday.
    Good luck on the showing tonight and selling the house.
    Freida ;-)


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