No more PICU!

Today Anne was moved to a regular room! We are so thankful Anne was able to move out of the ICU. The biggest benefit here is that Canon and Kate are now able to be in the room. We had a wonderful reunion of the three musketeers today as Canon and Kate stood bedside and talked and talked to little Anne. Canon said: “Mommy, Anne looks better than I do!!” referring to the fact that Canon still has his stiched-up forehead, while Anne’s face is mostly healed.

Anne has always loved her crazy uncle Marc so much. He came by today and at the end of his visit gave Anne a kiss on her cheek – we all saw Anne smile the tiniest little right side of her mouth smile. We all cheered! And then she did it again amidst all the cheers!

Canon told Anne all about his day, and Kate had her usual one thousand questions for Anne and mommy and daddy about Anne. It was all wonderful to be back together in the chaos of a family. At the end of our time together, Canon and Kate both prayed for little Anne standing at her bedside.


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