Therapy begins

The OT and PT came today and wore her out! They both sat her up and challenged her to hold her head up. She’s doing about 30-40% of it herself! She’s also showing more emotion on her face. She grimaces in pain when the therapists move her in a way she doesn’t like. Any emotion is a good sign at this stage.

When she sat up, the PT let me sit behind her and hug her. I’ve been longing to hold my sweet girl, so I was thankful to hold her – if only for a moment.

Please pray:

  1.  They will be able to remove her drain and move her to rehab;
  2. That her tremors are just a phase that she moves through on her way to recovery – in other words – that they’ll go away completely as she heals, and
  3. For the God of all comfort to be close to Anne and to us as we are tempted to despair.

Clinging to Jesus – kathryn

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