Quiet day

Because Anne was up most of last night (poor Eric…) she rested most of today. Her therapists let her rest, so it was a quiet day.

The neurosurgeon said today, “There is an excellent chance that the drain will come out tomorrow.” So we’re hopeful! If the drain truly does come out tomorrow, she could be in rehab as early as Friday – but we’ll wait and see.

I have one funny story to share. Tonight, Eric’s cousin Susan visited. Anne had just had a HUGE bowel movement (yeah!) so the conversation moved to poop. Now – the kids are not allowed to say “bathroom talk” outside the bathroom. They can talk about poopy and tee-tee all they want inside the bathroom – but not outside… So, when I realized that Susan and I were using bathroom talk – I said to Anne (with a mischievious look), “Anne, do you hear us using bathroom talk outside the bathroom? Do you want to do it too?” Then I started singing, “Poopy, poopy, poopy!!!!”

And she smiled – the biggest smile yet. Susan’s husband, Alan, came in and we were all talking about “poopy” and Anne smiled a few more times.

Anne clearly enjoyed breaking the rules tonight :-)

Please pray:

  1. The drain would be removed tomorrow so that we can move to rehab.
  2. Since Canon will be with me at the hospital all day tomorrow, please pray that God encourages him in a special way, and that he will be an encouragement to Anne as well.
  3. That Anne will respond well to rehab (when she gets there).

Gratefully, kathryn

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