Not a good night…

Wow, not a good night for Anne. She was very uncomfortable and agitated with lots of tremors and crys most of the night. i would get her comfortable, then 15 minutes later she would be crying out for help. i was so worried about her “going backwards”. This started last night around 11pm and lasted until around 6am. Then God put an idea in my head around 6am – Take the blood pressure cuff off of her arm – As soon as i did this – she immediately became calm!! She has now been sleeping for 3 hrs. Anne has always been so sensitive and apparently that arm cuff was REALLY bothering her.

Reading Isa 40:28-31 this AM – such rich words. An insight from the ESV about “waiting on the Lord” – means having faith in God’s promises until the time of their fulfillment – such a good definition to what God is helping us do day by day with MUCH help from all of you supporting us !


  1. that Anne’s tremors would disappear
  2. that we would be able to remove her ventricular drain tomorrow 
  3. that she would be able to move to the rehab unit this weekend


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