Screaming & Schedules

Well… I’m exhausted :-)

We have four hours of therapy, resting-foot-splint schedules, active-foot-splint shedules, hand-splint schedules, pureed diet eating schedules, weaning feeding tube schedules, dressing, diapering, teeth brushing – and bathing schedules.

And all of this while Anne is in her “agitated phase” (aka: SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS phase :-) I’m laughing right now – that keeps me from crying ;-) Seriously, the fact that Anne is crying 75% of the day is a GOOD thing. It means she’s coming back to us – but that doesn’t make it any easier…

The doctors, therapists and veteran-rehab-parents all assure me that this really is just a phase. Meanwhile, God has supplied energy and endurance. “Your right hand has held me up, Your gentleness has made me great. You enlarged my path under me, so my feet did not slip” Psalm 18:35-36.

Please pray:

  1. For Anne to push through this “agitated phase” to a place where she is less disoriented and has greater communication skills (in other words – please, God help her to speak!)
  2. For Anne’s tremors to subside so she can have greater control of her hands.
  3. For patience for all, and
  4. Finally, for her total and complete recovery.


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