1st fruits…

Well, Anne has officially completed her first week of rehab. Her estimated stay is 4-6 weeks…

Yesterday, I got to visit with a mom whose daughter had a worse brain injury than Anne’s – and now she’s toddling all over the rehab floor – as normal as can be.

She encouraged me to hold on to the small things that Anne does because they reveal her potential. So let’s list the ‘small’ steps that Anne has accomplished this week :-)

  1. She says, ‘yeah,’ ‘uh-uh,’ and ‘more’ consistently. And then today, my mouth about hit the floor when her therapist asked her to say, “marshmellow.” AND SHE DID! amazing
  2. She is eating pureed food well and is starting on crunchy foods.
  3. She is sitting well with assistance and can sit a little while totally unassisted.
  4. She’s standing with assistance for 15-20 minutes at a time.
  5. She’s consistently initiating steps with her right leg, and has initiated with her left leg a few times.
  6. She’s grabbing and ‘exploring’ with her right hand.
  7.  She smiles, laughs and cries (alot :-)

I would say this has been a pretty good week!!! These are the “first-fruits” of God’s work in Anne. I’m encouraged to press forward – while remaining grateful for God’s mighty work in the present.

You are our GOOD God. THANK YOU JESUS for preserving Anne’s life and bringing her this far. We pray for her total healing, but trust that you will finish the good work you’ve started in Anne. We know your plan for Anne is good. We are humbled by your mercy toward us. Please help us to trust you moment by moment. We love you! Amen

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