What a journey God has us on…

We are really in the same place as Kathryn’s last journal entry yesterday. . . . able only to turn and hope in Jesus, and very much NOT able to hope in Anne’s circumstances or condition . . . . hoping and praying for God’s healing hand, but not able to see progress for today. . . . but it is only 1 day. . . . . sadness for little Anne. . . .

Little Anne is still very agitated today, crying unless she is laying in mommy’s lap. She still can’t really use her eyes as they are set to one side. Her head is even more turned to the right and her left hand is even more tightly clasped.

But in the same day, we have had tears of joy from being lifted up by our sweet friends and family that have visited or called or or emailed or given gifts for Anne – all of whom have grabbed us up and physically supported us when our legs are weak. i have been taught so much by all of you – God has been remolding my heart through watching you reach out to me. . . .

And then i remember . . . . Anne DID do a great thing today – while having her weight supported, she initiated about 30 steps with both her right and left legs! God always seems to daily give us (our daily bread) a reason to hope in Him. Anne has only been in rehab for 1 week and two days. . . . there is so much to be thankful for. . . . my despair comes much too quick!


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