Anne is a different child today…

Thanks to a savvy nurse, we deduced that one of Anne’s medications has been making her irritable. We refused that medication today – and VOILA, Anne is calm, smiling and laughing again. Her eyes are moving a bit more and she just seems more alert and focused.

She’s also back to her mischievous self… This morning, she pulled out her feeding tube! She’s taken all of her medications orally, and I’ve been stuffing her with food, so they won’t put it back in. Pray that she eats ALOT :-)

I just talked with Ms. Debbie who’s staying with her tonight. At night, they attach a small sensor on her toe to monitor pulse and blood oxygen levels. According to Ms. Debbie, Anne kicked and rolled around and worked the sensor off of her toe – and then laughed at the nurse when she came in to see why all the monitors were showing that she had no pulse…

Oh my! That’s my Anne!!! That’s the kind of irratibility we want – the kind that makes you fight to get better – not the medically- induced kind that makes you scream all day long!

What a good day :-)

Please pray:

  1. For wisdom for us and the doctors regarding her medications and treatment strategies.
  2. For Anne’s language to come back and improve – she’s not talking as much since we dropped that one med.
  3. For Anne’s eyes to continue to improve
  4. For the tightness in her left arm and right heel to improve.

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