Prayers & Praises

Praises for today:

  1. Anne ate a chicken finger today and held it with her right hand!! I couldn’t believe it!
  2. She seems to be moving her eyes a little more. She is able to move them more into the center at times.
  3. Her right hand has increased in dexterity and reduced in tremors.
  4. We think she said “mama” today!


  1. Anne’s verbal ability increases rapidly so that she can tell us why she is hurting or what foods she likes.
  2. Anne would have increased perseverance and grit. We know she has been discouraged at times when we tell her how great she is doing, and she she retorts back a loud disagreement: “Nuh huh”.
  3. The docs are worried that her left elbow may become frozen since her arm is flexed close to her body and rarely moves.
  4. Pray that Anne is able to eat enough for her feeding tube to stay out. i am having a hard time feeding her enough – she isn’t very crazy about eating, even though she is hungry. Kathryn seems to do a much better job on the feeding thing.


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