Happy Birthday Kate!

Last night went well. Eric decided that Anne was probably in pain. So after some pain meds and the idea to turn on her favorite music… Anne calmed right down and slept without a peep all night. God is good to answer our prayers :-)

Today was Anne’s little sister Kate’s 4th birthday!

The birthday girl :-)

We had a Dora-the-Explorer party at the hospital. Many of my friends pitched-in to help as we explored all the play areas in the hospital. It was great fun.

Dora's map

Kate's cake

My prayer two weeks ago when I started planning Kate’s party was for Anne to be able to participate with us. My vision was Anne riding along in her chair – following the action with her eyes, smiling and talking a little.

That was a lot to hope for two weeks ago… That Sunday (5/16) she was crying most of the day (b/c of too much medicine), her eyes were fixed to the right, and aside from an occasional smile, she was virtually unresponsive.

Today she participated just as I envisioned. She interacted with her friends and I think genuinely enjoyed Kate’s adventure of a party. It was wonderful!

Anne with her friends

Please pray:

  1. For Anne to get stronger both cognitively and physically. Anne has to work hard to answer questions about a picture book and she still can’t sit unassisted. She has a lot of hard work ahead of her.
  2. For us to continue to stay in the present – remaining dependent on God and trusting in His good plan for Anne.
  3. For Anne to have a profound awareness of God’s love and care for her.

Happy Birthday Kate!!!




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