A Good Day!

Her physical therapy session was her most challenging to date. Her therapist really pushed her, and Anne rose to the challenge. She tried her absolute best to do EVERYTHING her therapist asked of her even though it was extremely difficult. She was so brave, and I’ve never been prouder of her!

Her speech therapist took some time to evaluate her word retrieval abilities. It was tough to watch Anne look at a picture of a cup and not be able to remember the word. But again, she tried her best and was able to remember more than half of the words she was asked.

Tonight, she became more conversational. It’s kinda like a switch came on, and she just started talking more loudly and using more words.

The brain is God’s creation, and it is amazing. Little Anne is building new pathways. Little by little, God is helping her to heal.

We are very grateful. -kathryn

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