Discharge date…

We have a discharge date… two weeks from today: 6/17.

We are both excited and nervous. Eric is mostly excited; I am mostly nervous :-)

I’m overwhelmed by the prospect of bringing Anne home as she is now. I want her to be so much further along, but she does have two full weeks. Alot can happen in two weeks!

I think it will be good for the whole family to have Anne home. Canon and Kate are starting to tire of being away from both home and mommy so much. And I think Anne will benefit from being at home.

Anne’s next step after she is discharged is Children’s Day Rehab program. She’ll be in a rehab facility (just across the street from the hospital) five days a week from 9am-3pm. It is a drop-off program that is like school with much structure and group activities. We still don’t know if or how much our insurance covers, so please pray that God will provide either through insurance or other means.

In the interim, we’re praying for God to give Anne a major “boost” (Canon’s word) in her healing, so that caring for her at home will be more joy than burden for the whole family. Specifically that she would be able to:

  1. Sit completely unassisted.
  2. Improve her cognitive/thinking abilities so she can focus for longer periods of time and be able to calm/organize her thoughts so she can verbally express herself more clearly.
  3. Gain greater control over her right hand – so she can feed herself, and maybe even color a little bit :-)

These are my hopes for her before she comes home. She’s already come so far – Two weeks ago she hadn’t spoken her first sentence and her eyes had just started to move. I pray God surprises us in these last two weeks!

Thank you for walking this journey with Anne and our family.


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