Anne’s funny phrases

Little Anne is such a joy to be around. She is engaging and talkative. She seems to draw a crowd wherever she goes. At the moment, she is sitting with us at the dinner table and entertaining us all.

Little Anne has lots of funny phrases. She always says these with a smile and typically to get a laugh out of us. Most of these are from things she has heard:

“Daddy, kiss me with your beard”
“Everybody is kung-fu fighting” from the movie Kung Fu Panda
“Daddy, teach me to whistle”
“Hey camsters” when calling her brother Canon
“You are amazing God” from her favorite song
“Hey mopsters” when calling mommy
“Mommy put me at the table” when she is hungry
“I want some strawberries”
“MeMa boo” when she wants to scare her grandmother
“boo boo chicken” we have no idea??
“I’m not sweet, I’m sour” – when we tell her how sweet she is
“I like your earrings, can i bite them off?”
“Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”
and most of the childrens catechism!

One funny aside… After answering every children’s catechism question correctly in children’s church, one little boy said, “She might have gotten bonked on the head, but she sure does know her catechism.” LOL!

Because she repeats and remembers things we say so easily, we work hard to give her good words to think about – like Bible verses, or Christian songs, or just good kind words. Those around her in therepy, or friends, or family also seem to naturally do this.

– eric

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