Positive signs of improvement…

Her injury is primarily on the right side of her brain. According to her MRI, the damage to her right hemisphere is extensive. Anne has shown typical deficits associated with Right Hemisphere Damage (RHD). Here are a few:

  • Flat effect – no expression and monotone speech.
  • Verbose since the left side of the brain controls verbal skills, RHD patients tend to talk alot :-)
  • Limited Focus and Attention
  • Limited Self Awareness – RHD patients fail to recognize the sympoms of their brain injury. For example, an adult with RHD doesn’t understand why he can’t go to work or drive a car.

Anne has shown improvement in alot of these areas. She has some expression when she talks, and even though she can’t carry a tune (yet), she’s constantly singing! On the flip side, Anne talks quite a bit, which is a blessing at home. She still struggles with an extremely short attention span and she is easily distracted.

Most encouraging is that she has shown glimmers of self-awareness – which is a HUGE positive sign that she is continuing to heal. She’s made brief comments that she is mad about the car crash and sad that God doesn’t love her. When I try to ask her questions about what she’s feeling, she typically gets distracted and starts talking about something else…

I feel like Anne is only able to express a fraction of what’s going on inside her. She’s impaired by her impulsivity and attention deficit.

Please pray:

  1. That Anne’s attention would increase so that she could participate in age appropriate tasks and activities
  2. As Anne’s attention increases that she would be more self aware and that we would have the wisdom to walk that difficult road with Anne,
  3. And finally, that Anne would come to a place that she can say with full awareness that God is Good – and can sing (in tune) His praises :-)

That’s my hope for Anne – that she would know God more deeply as a result of her journey.

Thank you! -kathryn

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