Anne’s at home today…

It’s nice to have her at home!

Right now, she’s sleeping while Canon and Kate are playing. Yes, I said playing and not fighting :-) Anne is not the only one improving in this house… Canon and Kate are adjusting to our new normal. See the train track that they built together?

Canon & Kate's train track!

Anne has come a long way – but still has a long way to go. It’s hard to quantify exactly what has improved… I guess her memory seems better. She seems more aware. She’s just generally ‘better.’


Anne is having more frequent episodes of sadness – which is a good thing, a sign that she is healing and becoming more self aware. She has also starting missing me (mom) while she is away at rehab- another sign that self-awareness is emerging. We continue to covet your prayers for perseverance and God’s sustaining hand for our family. This is a long road of recovery…

A word of praise… Eric’s company has generously extended the amount of insurance coverage for Anne. We are so grateful as this gives Anne another 5 weeks of rehab! God continues to supply our every need – whether physical, emotional or spiritual – He has been our great provider and everpresent help in this time of trouble.

We remain grateful… -kathryn

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