God works all things together for good…

I can’t believe how this week has flown by. It’s been another busy week full of appointments and therapy. Anne continues to do well – taking each new place and person in stride.

Eric and I have been reminded this week of the ways God is using Anne’s injury for good…

First of all, we see good for Anne. Before, Anne was very shy and reserved. She saved her affections for a select few. She was paralyzed in a way by her concern over what others thought of her. it was our constant prayer that God would remove her self-absorption. Anne’s injury has helped to remove her self protective filters, so she is free to express what she feels. What we are left with is an extremely loving little girl.

Secondly, we see good for Kate. Anne was very controlling of Kate before the accident. Without Anne’s constant directing, Kate has blossomed into more of herself – which is a highly energetic, fun-loving, spirited little girl.

Lastly we see good in how God is shaping our character. He is molding Canon into a more compassionate little boy and rooting out the selfishness in Eric and me. It is painful, but good!

I’ll end with a brief bit of news. After a marathon meeting with the school system- at which we outlined all of her goals and requirements, Anne is set to start school in January! Everyone from the school system has been wonderful and has really strived to provide the very best services for Anne. I could not be more pleased :-)

Thank you for your continued prayers. We are grateful beyond words for the constant encouragement we receive from your comments and prayers for our family. Humbly, kathryn

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