New & Wonderful Things


Today was a big day for our family. Canon was baptized, and (along with several other children in our church) made a public confession of faith and was accepted into church membership.

It was the first time Anne has been to a worship service in a while. Since she’s become more emotive and vocal, we’ve only taken Anne to Sunday school. So, this morning, as I was wheeling Anne into worship, she exclaimed, “I’m so excited to be in church, mama!”

As everyone was singing, Anne looked down at the bulletin and pointed to one word in the middle of the page. “Mama, help me read that ‘G’ word. What does it say?” I replied, “G. O. D. God.”. So Anne repeated while everyone was singing, “G. O. D. God. G. O. D. God……” Out of all the words in the bulletin, little Anne points to God. You gotta love that!

When Pastor Pete got up to introduce all the children who were becoming members, Anne called out, “Hey Pastor Pete!” And after Pete introduced all the children, he asked, “Did I forget anybody?”. Little Anne yelled out from the middle of the congregation, “ME!!”. Everyone laughed, and sweet Anne did something new – she felt embarrassed.

Lots of new and wonderful things from Anne today. It was a good Sunday for the Jacksons :-)


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