Jumping Right In

I think one of the unexpected benefits of maintaining Anne’s Caring Bridge site is the sense of connectedness I feel knowing that others will read and pray.  Caring for a disabled child is isolating just for the sole reason that it takes so much work and time.  It’s like being thrown back to caring for a newborn  (except multiply the doctor’s appointments 100x !)

I also enjoy writing as a means of processing the lessons God is teaching me.  Writing helps crystallize thoughts and catalyzes the hard process of moving head knowledge to the heart.

So there it is…  my twofold reason for beginning a blog: to feel connected to the outside world and to record God’s work in my life (as well as my family’s lives).  I think I’ll keep my blog private until I have my “blogging legs underneath me.”  So (hopefully) there are a few months of archives for you to enjoy (if you have the time…)

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