It has been almost a year since I sang in the worship ensemble at church. Even though I’m mediocre at best, singing brings me so much joy.

Yesterday we sang Chris Tomlin’s “God of This City” …which for anyone who faithfully follows Anne’s CaringBridge site knows – is one of “Anne’s songs.” We change the lyrics in the chorus to say, “Greater things are yet to come, and Greater things are still to be done in our Annie-B.” Thankfully, I sang the correct lyrics and didn’t cry during the song :-)

But I did cry during “Our God Saves.” It’s my deepest cry for Anne – that God would give her a saving faith. That somehow her tragedy would be used for her future glory…

Our God saves, our God saves;
There is hope in Your name;
Mourning turns to songs of praise;
Our God saves, our God saves.

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