Proud Mama

I’m going to apologize in advance for this update. It involves lots of – what we call – potty talk… But it is exciting! At least to Eric and me :-)

Anne – after months of only having a bowel movement with the help of harsh, medicated suppositories – had a breakthrough today. It started when – just as we were walking out the door – she said, “Mommy, I need to go poopy.”

“Really? Are you sure Anne, cause you say this alot, and then you don’t really have to go.”

“No, mommy, I REALLY have to go. Really, really, REALLY have to go. I promise.”

So, knowing we were going to be late, but thinking this might be THE time that she really has to go, I put her on the potty.

And yes, she went! We were so excited. I was cheering. Canon was cheering. Kate was clapping. It must of really made an impression on Anne because later, when this sweet, older lady asked how she was doing, Anne said, “Great! I went poopsters in the potty!” Life is full of adventure with Anne :-)

Proudly, kathryn

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