Good progress report

Both Anne’s teacher and PT at school read this journal. Typically, after I post an entry expressing my discouragement, they will try to encourage me the next day with all the progress she is making. I’m always touched by their thoughtfulness.

Well, this past Monday, the school PT went one step further and invited me to observe Anne’s next PT session. I guess she figured that if I saw Anne’s progress with my own eyes, I might start believing it :-)

I went today, and Anne really is doing well. Her focus is better. Her trunk strength and balance have improved tremendously, and her walking has improved. I really believe that in a few years, Anne might be able to walk independently with a cane. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Her OT is also very positive about Anne’s progress. She is making active movements with her left arm. Again, her concentration and effort are improving, as well as her stamina.

Lastly, her classroom teacher has shown me most of Anne’s classroom work from the last few months. She’s more purposeful in her coloring. In other words, it’s not pure scribble scrabble, but you can see that she is making an effort to color a specific object.

Now, if I can learn to stay encouraged based on God’s faithfulness and character instead of Anne’s progress, well then I might receive a good progress report too!

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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