Rabbit & Squirrel Stories

A couple of months ago, Canon had a composition assignment to write a dialogue between a rabbit and a squirrel.  He had so much fun, he decided he wanted to start a series of stories about Rabbit and Squirrel.  Well, he’s gone crazy lately.  He’s written five stories, and he has ideas for 3 more. They’re actually pretty funny. Here’s his introduction to Rabbit and Squirrel…

Why Rabbit Makes Squirrel Run

A rabbit and a squirrel see what looks like a UFO in the sky. As they are backing away, they bump into each other.

Rabbit: What in the world is that?
Squirrel: I have no idea. I guess it could be one of those flying plates that you see humans reading about in their comic books.
Rabbit: You mean with those “so-called aliens” and stuff?
Squirrel: Yeah!
Rabbit: RUN!!!!!!!

They run as fast as they can, a ½ mile or so.

Squirrel (while panting): Do you think we ran far enough?
Rabbit: Tell me if it’s right behind us.
Squirrel (while panting): OK, I’m telling you. IT’S RIGHT BEHIND US!!!!

Because squirrel is tired, they run ¼ mile this time.

Squirrel (while panting): Now is it gone?
Rabbit: Yes, it’s gone. It might have been a rain cloud.
Squirrel (while panting): You mean we did all that running for nothing!!!
Rabbit: No, I’m just saying that it MIGHT have been a rain cloud.
Squirrel (while panting): OK, I’m tired. I’m going home now.
Rabbit: I’m not tired – just hungry. I think I’ll run over to the farmer’s house and steal some cabbage and carrots.

The End.

P.S. It really was a rain cloud.

Squirrel (while panting): I can’t believe that rabbit made me run so far – FOR A RAIN CLOUD. I’m gonna go beat him up.

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