Lost dreams

I miss the freedom of having healthy, independent, well-behaved children. I’ve been so sad lately. so. very. sad.

Next week is spring break. Last year during spring break, I took the kids to Anniston, AL to visit my cousin. It was my very first road trip alone with the kids… since they were all potty trained and old enough to buckle themselves into their car seats by themselves, I thought this would be the beginning of lots of road trips. We had a blast in Anniston. My cousin lives in a big, old house. We spent hours playing hide-n-seek and sardines. Here’s a (blurry) pic of my cousin and us “squished” in a shower while we’re playing sardines :-)

Playing Sardines 4-10-10

Back when my kids were younger, I used to dream of the day when they were all at least 4 years old. Four = independence and much more freedom to do things like… fun road trips!

Three days after we got home from Anniston, the accident happened… and then Kate turned four. We had her birthday party at the hospital.

Lost dreams are just that… dreams. God has different plans for our family. I believe that I’ll be able to take fun road trips with my kids – I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer :-)

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