Anne is tired.

Anne continues to be so tired. She’s sleeping 12 hours at night and taking two naps during the days. It’s spring break here, so we’re just letting her rest. She goes to the neurologist tomorrow, so hopefully we can find a new seizure med for her.

She’s tired, but she’s still progressing well. Her left arm is finally “waking up.” She’s definitely more aware of her left arm. She can reach a little with that arm, and she can even feel and identify different textures with her left fingers. These are all wonderful signs that the right side of her brain is making new connections!

Anne continues to be witty and fun – even if she is tired. We’re always amazed at her cognitive abilities. Her fluency skills are so good. This will be a huge advantage to her in school and life! She still has huge obstacles to overcome – specifically in her visual motor skills, attention, fine motor skills, stamina, gross motor skills… well, I could go on, but I don’t want to get overwhelmed :-)

God loves little Anne and has an amazing plan for her. We will trust Him and wait expectantly for Him to work His mysterious ways through her!

Thank you for praying! Kathryn

3 thoughts on “Anne is tired.

  1. Oh Kathryn such good news~! I was praying for that left arm! I know all her tiredness is really that medicine, but could it also be that she is tired from working that left arm? Like when a small baby has to rest a lot because she is growing and learning so much? I pray so. Love you all so much and praying hard for you!


    • I’ve thought of that and I hope that is the case too! It could be a combination of both the med and the extra learning/healing. I’m just thankful that she’s able to get extra rest this week :-)


    • Rebecca says:

      I know, Kathryn that you see this all from a different vantage point, but as an outsider looking in, i am routinely excited about Anne’s continual progress. I keep thinking as an artist, how can i help with the right brain? TAYLOR–if you have any ideas, i would be happy to execute them here on the other side of the pond… Kathryn, do you have any ideas of something we could do with Anne that would help? I know you have more ideas than time. Let us help with that. Meanwhile, i’ll be thinking. There has to be some fun art things we can do to bolster those connections…
      Rest is so good for Anne. I am grateful she can rest and replenish her body’s vitality on a cellular level. This is probably good. Meanwhile, I pray the right medication emerges. Let us know how the appointment goes, sister…And let us know what we can do…


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