One week and counting…

April 13th is one week away. I’m not doing very well as I approach that day… Basically, I’m going into mole-mode – where I just want to bury myself in a tunnel and pretend like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. My poor children – it’s all I can do just to keep the house running these days.

But that’s grief. It’s very familiar to me, so I’m not panicking. The laundry is in piles now, but I’ll come out of it eventually and catch up :-) And somehow (by God’s grace) I look back at the end of each day and see that dinner got fixed, the house is semi-neat and the kids have clean clothes. There’s even a little energy left for tickles and crafts – that’s all God.

April 13th represents two very different realities for me. 1st – it’s the day that God saved Anne’s life! After reading through all the medical records from that day – it’s a miracle she survived. But 2nd – that day represents the end of the “old” Anne. Brain injury patients are never the same after their injuries… Some might think that she is like her old self – just with a disabled body. No, her entire personality is different – wonderful – just different.

So, that day represents death and life to me. And right now, I just don’t want to think about any of it. You could pray for me. That would be nice :-)

5 thoughts on “One week and counting…

  1. Elizabeth Dishman says:

    Yes, I join my voice to the avalanche of prayers that will be supporting you this week. May the Man of Sorrows draw very near to you.


    • barbara summey says:

      Oh, the hurt I feel when I read your email. We are praying and hoping things are going to get better.

      Pray for us, too, My husband has that dreadful disease call cancer and no cure they say, I do not want to think of it much, but it is there every day, knowing that one day he will not be by my side.

      I sure hope God will give your more energy, more time
      for your self, you may need a break for awhile, I know that is hard to do, but take a day at a time,

      we love you and Anne, May God look upon you today

      and alwyas. Love the Summeys, Ricky and Barbara


  2. Oh sweet Kathryn. I’m praying hard for you. I can understand grief and not really tending to housework or even the kids…God is so gracious to let you do what you are able! He is ever present. I love you.


  3. Rebecca says:

    Sister, We are i n this with you. You are not alone. Thank you for letting us in on your days. Trust me, I have my eye on the 13th. On the April 9, last year, I lost a dear friend to cancer. Then your accident, then my great Uncle died, too. It reminds me how tenuous all our lives are. But even as that feels more palpable to you in this season, I wish we could make it all better. Im aware how simplistic that sounds, but it is no less true. But I love Elizabeth’s words. Man of Sorrows, what a name! We all can put ourselves in your shoes as we grieve with you, but to imagine someone who foresaw, holds you now, and sees it’s completion is astounding. Today I am thinking how we prayed Anne would make it through
    the night, and now we can list things she has begun to recoup. I am not ignorant to the fact that that is not enough to give you peace. It is excrutiating to have our reality altered . Yet it waits for all of us . We all long for those moments in the day when
    our mind can rest for a few moments, and be at ease. By God’s grace, I pray you have those kinds of moments for you, dear sister!


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