Testing a theory…

I realized during Spring Break that I might be pushing Anne too much.  Yes, her seizure medicine makes her tired, but I also think her packed schedule is a factor.  SO…  I’m keeping Anne home every Friday from both school and therapy to give her a long weekend to recover.  I’ve loved having her home this morning.

We listened to music and sang together. We even waltzed to Third Day’s, Born Again.  Anne said, “Hee Hee, this is fun!”   But since I got to spend time with her during her best time of day (right when she wakes up), I wanted to test a theory…

I believe Anne can read…  She knows all of her letters and sounds.  And she has the ability to blend sounds together.  For example, if I said to her, “Anne – what is this word…  ssss    uh   nnnnn,”   (and I put lots of space between the sounds…) she’ll answer, “sun.”  So I’ve been thinking that it might be her visual perception that’s preventing her from reading.  Anne CAN see, but sometimes she has a hard time interpreting what she sees or focusing on small details on a busy page – like letters…

So, mixing a few ideas from both her OT and SLP, I got a cookie sheet and placed three chunky magnet letters on the sheet.  Holding it vertically, so the cookie sheet was right in front of her face, I asked her to touch, and name the sound of each letter.  Then I put them in order, and Anne said, “buh…   ah…    teh  ….  bat!”  YES!!!  She went on to read: sat, mat, fat, jug, tab, bam….  well you get the idea. 

Anne's first word

Anne is so proud of herself.  As I put her down for a nap, she looked up to the butterfly painting above her bed and said, “Guess what butterfly?  I can read!”

I can read, butterfly!

13 thoughts on “Testing a theory…

  1. Freida Corbin says:

    She’s getting it! This is absolutely wonderful! As I’ve said all along, take one day and one step at a time! Don’t make your expectations her expectations or she’ll get frustrated.
    How wise of you to try to remedy the tiredness by keeping her home with you on Friday’s! She’ll love the time with you anyway.
    Always praise every small thing she does. Make her proud of herself and her accomplishments. It seems to me like you’re doing an excellent job! Just try to stay positive! I know sometimes it is difficult.
    Keep your faith in God and those miracles you want to happen will!
    Continuing to pray for Anne and all of you and for those who work with Anne.
    God bless you all!


  2. barbara summey says:

    Your making my day, I like that about what Anne said to the butterfly. Have a great weekend and thanks for making my day. Love Ricky and Barbara


  3. Rebecca says:

    What a Delight to my Heart!!!!I’m almost not surprised…Anne has a very intuitive Mommy and a remarkable growing brain–all gifts from our God. Keep it up, Mom!!! And WAY TO GO ANNE!!!!!


  4. Janelle says:

    Awesome!! I know that was so encouraging for both of you! What an answer to prayer and such a tangible “I love you” from God for your Friday!!


  5. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Little Annie Butterfly
    Reading up a storm
    You are doing Oh so good
    Your brain is gettng warm (warmed up)

    Mommy is a smart one
    To ponder this and that
    Look at the result ya’ll
    Annie can read “hat”.



  6. Janis Dyke (whom you do not know but prays daily for all of you) says:

    I’m so thrilled and thankful to the Lord to hear about Anne’s progress. I can just see the Lord growing those new brain cells day by day as you are seeing the progress they are making possible. God bless all of you. Love in Christ, Janis Dyke


    • Thank you for praying!!! I just realized today that Anne hasn’t stuttered AT ALL in the past week. And she’s finally getting used to her seizure med, so she doesn’t seem so tired all the time! Those are direct answers to prayers. Thank you :-)


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