Squirrel’s Birthday Sleepover

Here’s Canon’s 6th Rabbit & Squirrel story. This story refers back to Rabbit Finally Wins (where both rabbit & squirrel build a robot) and Squirrel’s Wonderful Tail (where we learn that the tail is THE pride of a squirrel!) You can read all of Canon’s stories at the following links:

Squirrel’s Birthday Sleepover

It’s November 8, Squirrel’s birthday.

Squirrel: Yahoo! It’s my birthday! Rabbit and I are having a sleepover!
Squirrel calls rabbit…
Squirrel: Let’s have a birthday sleepover!
Rabbit: Okay, let’s do it. When can I come over to your tree?
Squirrel: 5pm. I’ll serve dinner. And I’ll remember to put the ladder out for you.
Rabbit: Okay, it’s settled. I’ll bring a birthday present. Do you want me to bring cake too?
Squirrel: Sure, but you know I love cake, so DON’T FORGET IT!
Rabbit: Okay, I won’t! I’ll see you at 5pm!

Rabbit comes over to squirrel’s tree at 5pm, and they eat dinner.

Squirrel: Oh I wish I still had my robot. We could have hot cocoa with our dinner…
Rabbit (singing): Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Squirrel. Happy Birthday to you. Eat more carrots!
Squirrel: Can I open your present now?
Rabbit: Sure!

Squirrel opens his present, and it turns out to be a replica of his robot!

Squirrel: Thank you!! I missed him!
Rabbit: I knew you would love him! Now can we have hot cocoa?

Squirrel snaps his fingers and the robot appears with two cups of hot cocoa in his metal, claw-like hands.

Squirrel: Did you bring your robot over?
Rabbit: Yeah, why?
Squirrel: I want to watch AstroSquirrel!

Rabbit whistles and his robot appears with a TV on his chest. They both relax with their hot cocoa while watching AstroSquirrel.

Rabbit: Hey, what are you talking about?

Just then, all of squirrel’s friends jump out from behind the furniture, and one of them comes through the front door, trips and the cake lands right on top of squirrel’s tail.

Rabbit (with a whoops look on his face): Hee-hee… I told you I wouldn’t forget the cake.
Squirrel: Aaaaarrrrggggghhhh! You ruined my wonderful tail! AGAIN!

3 thoughts on “Squirrel’s Birthday Sleepover

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Well Done, Canon!

    Sounds like you know a LOT about friendship.
    You know about the “goofs” that happen, and “accepting folks as they are”, with a bit of normal frustration thrown in there. And you also know about “people pulling together” out of love for another. Wow, you even know about choosing gifts-of-love for another person (Even adults have trouble knowing how to give things the OTHER person would like–they often give things THEY themselves would like instead)

    VERY impressive, kiddo. Well done.

    Hugs from a fellow Writer,
    Ms Lu


  2. Sue Jackson says:

    Squirrel’s Birthday Sleepover:

    Canon! All your stories are so clever. I think this is my absolute favorite. You always interject your sense of humor.
    I love that about you and your stories.
    Just as the ending was not what the squirrel expected; sometimes life does not go as expected. And you deal with life so well for your age. Love you! Nana


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