Hear me roar!

Control. It’s every woman’s greatest temptation. And I’ve fallen… again.

We’re thinking about moving. Well, we’re more than thinking, we are working to put our house on the market. I remember thinking that after this past year and all the lessons God has (tried) to teach me about trust, that trusting Him to sell our home would be easy… It’s a house – not my daughter. If I could learn to trust God with my own flesh and blood, how much easier would it be to trust Him with a temporary object?

Ugh. I give myself way too much credit.

From the moment we decided to pursue moving, I jumped in… cleaning, de-cluttering – trying to get the house perfect as fast as I possibly could. And when Eric decides to go at a different pace, or use a different strategy – well… Hear me Roar!

Oh Jesus, you’d think I would have learned just a little about trust – just a little? Tonight’s devotional from Streams in the Desert was like a punch right in my gut: Remain still before Him, and stop your own restless working until He begins to work. Do nothing that He Himself has not commanded you to do. Allow God time to work and He surely will.

Trust, Kathryn! Stop trying to control everything. Stop. Stop! Help your husband and trust God to work. …As Anne would say, “Easy-Peasy.” HA!

5 thoughts on “Hear me roar!

  1. Oh praying for you sweet Kathryn! I did not know you were going to move. Where to and what is causing the move? Praying as you guys pursue this. Love you so so much.


  2. Eric Chou says:

    Yes, we’re working on our third “this is it, final, lifetime” house. Nothing wrong with a clean show-ready house, though.


  3. Ruby says:

    Oh my friend do I connect with your struggle here. So difficult to wait in peace. To support and work alongside while waiting on our lord. Much love from here!


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