I was talking to Eric the other night about a thought God has given me… First a little background :-)

I’ve always been fascinated by the brain – from as early as I can remember, I wanted to grow up to be a brain scientist (that would be a neurologist, but I didn’t know that word back then!) Anyway, the hook for me was the mystery of it all. And after all the technical and scientific progress we’ve experienced since my childhood, the brain still remains a mystery to the medical community.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but… before the accident, I would climb the stairs to Anne’s darkened room, make my way to her sleeping form, kneel beside her bed and thank God for her brain. Sometimes, I would even put my forehead against hers – just to drink in what I perceived as the awesomeness of her brain. She was so complex, so deeply emotional, fiercely intuitive… Now she is simple…. so very simple.

I was crying out to God about how much I missed Anne… Why her brain, Lord? Her brain – it was beautiful; it was amazing, and now it is… even more amazing… If you look at Anne’s MRI, it is dismal. Severe, diffuse brain damage… diffuse meaning everywhere. Yet she is able to reason, laugh and spontaneously say, “I love you, Mommy.” Anne’s brain is a miracle, and a testimony to the Master Creator. It was like God was saying to me… “You can still marvel, Kathryn.” As Anne regains function, it’s like a layer of the mystery is peeled away, and I get to see a little of how He knits together His masterpiece.  Anne’s brain is neuroamazing :-)

3 thoughts on “Neuroamazing

  1. Freida Corbin says:

    Anne surely had an amazing brain. She still has an amazing brain, though! It’s just different now and God’s just not through with it! Rejoice and praise His name for each little thing that Anne’s brain does. A masterpiece takes time! Be patient and wait upon the Lord.
    Neuroamazing…I love it!
    God bless!


  2. barbara summey says:

    You amaze me with your words, of hope , your Anne is going to be the blessing of you and your family. She has Her God and the best Mom, I know helping her. I know children like Anne, and their Mom does not take anytime with them, May God Bless You and The Family,
    Love Ricky and Barbara, continue to pray for my husband cancer and pray for me too.


  3. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    How Awesome you’ve been praying for Anne’s brain her entire life! Imagine that has a HUGE deal to do with why her’s is working sooo well, when it “looks” like it should NOT work at all. Amazing stuff, following God’s lead, isn’t it?!

    I know a LOT about “the impossible”…at least “impossible” in normal eyes. With constant, untreatable seizures, 2010 was “the year”. The latest date they gave me for retaining any information at all. The year by which I’d be a total vegetable, in a nursing home, needing someone to tend to EVERY need, with zero independant thought of my own and no communication skills.
    I’m forever grateful for having someone spell it out so very clearly to me back then (even when they were not “supposed” to). The result was: I hunted for someone in the medical proffession who would see the medical truth AND join me in teaming with God to see what we could do about NOT fulfilling THAT prediction…….and opening myself up even more, for God to use me as His hands and feet, and see what would happen.

    All this to say: The medical proffession is valuable and needed, AND they don’t have the last say… Anne’s life clearly demonstrates already.
    And with sooo MANY people loving Anne, lifting her up in Prayers……can’t wait to see all that’ll transpire in the days and seasons to come.

    Take Heart: God’s Presence is clearly afoot. Exciting things always happen when He’s in charge.


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