All who are thirsty…

Is God enough?

A friend of a friend is wrestling with this question… I don’t even know her, but I wrestle too. Her marriage is excruciatingly disappointing. She has a child with a chronic, possibly fatal disease. I don’t share her circumstances, but i do share her question.

I can’t wrestle for her. I’ve done enough wrestling myself. But I can wrestle with her.

I’ve been running lately – straight away from God. I’ve been seeking solace in other things… not bad things – just busy things. And you know what? I’m spent. I can’t run anymore. But I’m also too tired to seek the only One who is enough.

A friend of mine came over today to help me plant a flower bed. We worked hard as the sun rose high in the sky. We finished, and she took the water hose and watered. And watered. And watered. She’s older than I am, and therefore more patient. I watched in wonder as she found peace in the water spray hitting the newly planted flowers. Drink… Drink. Stay awhile and drink, my child.

Oh Living Water. I am thirsty, oh so thirsty. I want to drink – it’s the staying awhile that I have difficulty with…

I went out at dusk to water. I tried to linger. And I received… a drop of peace. One drop to this parched soul is more satisfying than all of my busy substitutes. The one drop gives me the answer. No more running. Only God is enough.

3 thoughts on “All who are thirsty…

  1. April says:

    You said you’d come
    and share all my sorrow,
    You said you’d be there
    for all my tomorrows,
    Just like you promised
    You came here to stay
    I just had to pray.
    And Jesus said
    Come to the water.
    Stand by my side.
    I know you are thirsty.
    You won’t be denied.
    I felt every tear drop
    when in darkness you cried.
    And I strove to remind you
    that for those tears, I died.
    Your goodness so great,
    I can’t understand
    Dear Lord I know
    that all of this was planned.
    I know you’re there now,
    and always will be
    Your love loosed my chains
    and in you I am free.
    But Jesus, Why me?
    And Jesus said,
    “Come to the water,
    Stand by my side
    I know you are thirsty,
    you won’t be denied.
    I felt every tear drop
    when in darkness you cried
    And I strove to remind you,
    that for those tears, I died.”


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