Train Ticket

I remember reading The Hiding Place (the story of Corrie Ten Boom) when I was in my late twenties. That book was powerful. I remember thinking, “This woman spent the first half of her life – just normal, and then her life turned upside down.” And then I thought, “I wonder if that will be my story – 40 or so years of a normal, uneventful life and then tragedy strikes.” Your life gets sliced in two. In my case, it’s “before the accident” and “after the accident.”

My next thought was, “She had no idea. All of that time spent with her family in everyday life, and she had no idea that she would watch her sister die in a concentration camp, live to tell the tale, and encourage the world with her story. She had no idea…” Which leads me to the second powerful lesson I learned from this book…

When Corrie was a young girl, she feared her dad dying. As she voiced her fear to her father, he said, (and I’m paraphrasing from memory…) “Corrie, when we travel together on the train, when do I give you your train ticket?” And Corrie replied, “Right before I get on the train.” And her dad said, “Exactly Corrie. And so it will be with your Heavenly Father. He will give you the strength you need to face life’s trials just when you need it – not before…  Do not fear the future Corrie.”

And so here I am… needing another train ticket from God. He’s given me so many over these last months. And tomorrow when I wake up, I’ll ask for another. Because, I’m in the other half of my life…  the “after the accident” part. And I pray that our story brings encouragement to a small portion of the world. For His glory. Goodnight :-)

5 thoughts on “Train Ticket

  1. Shelly says:

    Goodness, I am so encouraged and inspired by your blog. I look forward to every update. You are so wise and bringing so much glory to God through your words and your journey. Blessings to you, friend!


  2. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    And isn’t it neat that we don’t travel on that train alone?
    Even when we FEEL alone and are sitting in a seat by ourselves, there are others around us, sharing in the journey, even while in the middle of their own experiences.

    LOVED Corrie TB….the amazing, astounding things she went thru, with incredible grace and fortitude……and I’m sure she could NOT have done a MAJOR portion of her journey, had she looked too far ahead.

    Amid all the death and destruction, she trained herself to look for life. And to address the life in others, inspiring them to live fully in the moment they were in, even when it did not make a lick of sense.
    Who’d have ever thought lice could be a good thing? Yet that is what kept others away, so she could lead those Bible-studies. She’s the best example I’ve ever known of: taking lemons and making lemonade……and God used her to pour pitchers full into the world, all while showing others how to do the same.

    You, like Corrie, are inspiring the people in your wee lil corner of the world. Who knows where it will all lead? Corrie didn’t set out to write a book and inspire the world. She set out to praise God and see Him in all things, including the darkest night and greatest heartbreak.

    You two are not so very different.

    Sweet Dreams,


  3. Mark Smith says:

    Jane and I appreciate your blog so much. Your faith and struggles are real and encourage us to pray for the Jacksons and for ourselves.

    I love your Hiding Place reference. That book and movie brought me to Christ when I was in high school. We watch the movie every Easter. I was then and continue to be drawn to the example of love on the midst of hardship.

    Remember the scene in the Ravensbruch barracks when Betsy and Corrie are challenged by the fellow prisoner that God must either be cruel or impotent. Betsy says, “No. He is love. All love. You see a world of hate. We see another world of God’s love. Just as real. If only you could know His love.”

    Great movie/book. Great truth.

    Mark Smith
    Anderson, IN


    • Yes, I need to revisit that book. Especially since I’m struggling with seeing His goodness… Corrie’s descriptions of Betsy will be good for me to read… Thank you!


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