School update

Well… Sweet Anne is having difficulty inhibiting her talking and frustration level in class – especially when she gets tired. It’s all understandable. I am meeting with several of Anne’s teachers and therapists on Friday to work out a strategy that is best for Anne.

Please pray that God would give everyone a flexible spirit and grant us all wisdom and clarity regarding Anne’s schedule and behavior strategies. I’ve already had a good conversation with Anne’s primary case manager and her para-pro. I’m encouraged that Anne is surrounded by advocates who truly want what is best for her!!!

Canon and Kate are also doing well… But Canon is struggling a little with not having “immediate” friends. I think he expected to be best friends with everyone in his class by the second day. He’s learning a good lesson about how to make friends – and I’m thankful he can learn in a safe environment. The kids in his class are super sweet, and I’m sure Canon will have plenty of friends soon :-)

It’s never boring around here!!! -kathryn

One thought on “School update

  1. I will be praying especially for a productive meeting on Friday. I’m sure the professionals will have some good advice and then you’ll be able to lend your personal advice to them. It’s so important for all of you to work together. You can reinforce what they are doing during the day, too, so that thee will be consistency.
    Don’t fret about the meeting. Go with an open mind and even make some notes re. Anne and her behavior at home and her routine at home. This will be very helpful to the professionals who work with her daily. Be sure and take notes on their suggestions and advice for you and Anne at home. It may seem trivial to do that, but it’s really now. You’ll, also, be able to share things with Eric about the meeting and what decisions were made re. Anne.
    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll feel much better after talking with all of them!
    Freida ;-)


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