My Rant :-)

Okay…  Here goes :-)  Can I just say that I’m SO thankful for special ed. services in this county???!!!! Anne’s teachers, case managers, therapists, assistants….  are all amazing and want what is best for Anne. Anne receives absolute top-notch services in a wonderfully nurturing environment. We are so thankful for Anne’s school and the people who work there.

My meeting at Anne’s school went GREAT! Her teacher had nothing but positive things to say about Anne… “She’s no more disruptive than some of the 5 year old boys we have in class.” Everyone seems to have compassion for Anne, and they all genuinely want to help her. All of their recommendations were spot-on. I could not be more pleased.

Academically she’s right on track with her class – and maybe just a little bit ahead in Language Arts. The fact that she has her short-term memory and can learn/retain new information is a miracle. She is loving school – just loving it.

On a different note, Anne is having seizures again – very different than the ones from last winter. Please pray that we would find the right combination of medication(s) to help control the seizures. THANK YOU for all your prayers. I think this is the beginning of a fantastic school year for Anne!!!

3 thoughts on “My Rant :-)

  1. Christy Cannon says:

    love, love, love this! So excited for her. I will miss her in Sunday School this year. I grew up and got the older kids. ;)


  2. How wonderful! See, I told you it would go great! I’ll have to brag and say that (us) special education teachers are amazing or we wouldn’t do what we do (did-for me for 30 yrs.)! It’s really a blessing to a sp. ed. teacher when you’ve got one that can learn and has such a desire to learn! I know that all who work with Anne just love her, ’cause I do and I don’t even know her!
    I’ll be praying especially for the right combinations of meds to be discovered so that the seizures will stop again. I will say, though, that sometimes a change in a person’s daily activities can cause them, too. But you let the Drs. work on the seizures. That’s his department! But sounds as if school is going just fine or better than expected. She’ll be helping the other soon.
    Love to Anne and to her family!
    Please, keep us posted!
    Freida ;-)


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