Absentminded Professor

I’ve always been absentminded… but it’s been BAD lately!

  • I was supposed to lead music at Bible Study yesterday, but I forgot my guitar.
  • I was supposed to do lunch duty at Canon & Kate’s school today, and I just forgot to show up. ugh.
  • On my way to get Anne from school, I forgot to get gas.
  • When I got to Anne’s school, I ran out of gas.
  • A friend from Canon & Kate’s school just HAPPENED to be driving in the parking lot of Anne’s school.  She offered to help.
  • Anne lost her shoe. My friend found it.
  • I lost my phone. My friend helped me find it.
  • We got gas. My car cranked, and now I am at home. THANK GOD.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the one with the brain injury! But thankfully, God sent help at just the right time. His provision is perfect.

4 thoughts on “Absentminded Professor

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Maybe you were just offered a chance to be in Anne’s shoes and see what it’s like to forget things you know you meant to remember?

    Glad things worked out OK.
    Prayer-Songs continue to flow……


  2. Helen says:

    This reminds me of when you’d forget about our women’s leadership team meetings, and a couple times I called to remind you!! Don’t worry, this happens to me too when I’ve got too many things going on…
    Hugs! Helen


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