Good Report

I asked Anne’s special ed. teacher if I could share an email she sent me today. I was encouraged by what she wrote!

I wanted to let you know that I spent a little bit of time today with Anne in her classroom. And she did a great JOB!! With assistance in walking to the front where Ms. S was modeling how to write a sentence, Anne wrote the word go. With hand over hand assistance she did the g and independently when told to make a circle did the o. Then with assistance Anne answered two questions during calendar time: the name of her school and also one other question, which I forget. She was cued (and little bit of assistance) to raise her hand and then called on. Anne needs some reinforcements to not talk out (combination of the cue cards and some verbal reminders) But, she is making great progress. I was so proud of her. :)

Last week, her school physical therapist wrote me that Anne walked farther than she ever had before (with a walker and assistance for propulsion). So that’s awesome!! On Friday, her kindergarten teacher pulled me aside to encourage me that she thought Anne was doing really well in class.

Anne has made a great start to the school year. We continue to be both deeply grateful for what God has restored in Anne and humbly hopeful that He still has more healing to do. …Thankful for today and hopeful for tomorrow – that is a good place to be!

Thank you for your continued prayers!!! -kathryn

One thought on “Good Report

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Sounds splendid.
    Hooray for encouragement and perspective from valuable people. Hooray for the zillion little things that build on eachother until they are “see-able”.

    We used to use puppets with David (my foster son) to role-play school settings…..(and later with Barbies with some kids I tutored–as those were THEIR favorite things, grin)
    At first we played out what needed doing, telling a story of sorts. (“practicing” what to do—it got more involved, the more they grew in understanding and recognizing cues).
    Later we’d have a game of asking questions, like: What comes next? (to practice sequensing). Later still he could “talk” for the puppets (and my Princesses with special needs could “talk” for their Barbie-students and Teachers). We had GREAT fun with it, actually.
    We did craft projects and created games (board and physical) along those lines, to open up/create new pathways, and we wrote stories and drew pictures, creating books we could read over and over again.
    Challenging and Blessed years. Thanks for the opportunity to remember.

    From what you’ve shared in other posts, sounds like you’ve got a FANTASTIC team of folks in Anne’s corner. HOORAY.

    May Blessings continue to flow, and may changes continue to be forthcoming.


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