Pray for Anne…

October 2011’s prayer requests:

  1. For Anne to gain more control of her impulsiveness which can be a distraction in the classroom (talking out of turn, mouthing inappropriate objects, reaching for and touching others when she should keep her hands to herself, etc.)
  2. For Anne’s left ankle… for it to loosen and strengthen so she can support her weight on her left foot without her braces;
  3. For Anne’s seizures to cease or be controlled with appropriate medication,
  4. And lastly, for Anne to continue to wrestle with God’s goodness and love for her – and ultimately for her to grow to be a faithful woman of God!

Thank you!

One thought on “Pray for Anne…

  1. Anne is a work-in-progress! God is working with Anne. God is in control! These requests will be answered in God’s time. Have faith!
    Prayer requests have been received and sent to God.
    God bless!


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