Conference update

Friday night was rich. It was the first night of our denomination’s national women’s conference – entitled AmazingGrace 360. As I sat and listened to Nancy Guthrie teach, and later – as I stood and listened to Laura Story sing, I realized that I felt a connection with both of those women – even though I’ve never met them…

Nancy Guthrie has lost 2 infants to a rare genetic disorder. I can relate (on a certain level) with losing a child. I lost the Anne I had known for 5+ years the day of the accident. I still remember Anne on that morning – and all of my interaction with her… how thankful I was for her quick obedience and her joyful spirit. She was making up songs about Jesus while “cooking”  in the kitchen. That version of Anne is gone. I can relate to loss.

Laura Story’s husband survived brain cancer but he is left with disability as a result of the damage the tumor and subsequent surgeries caused. She struggles with living with and caring for someone with disability. Her words tonight… “Disability is hard.” Amen to that. I can relate :-)

Both women have suffered. Both women have wrestled with God’s love and goodness. And both women have chosen to trust Him anyway. I can relate to that :-)


2 thoughts on “Conference update

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m glad we aren’t afraid of questioning God’s goodness. It’s the only way I have found a path back to it. And hearing the honest testimony of others bolsters my ability to see God in His abundance not deficit. So glad you felt God’s goodness by putting you there!


  2. I’m so glad that you’ve taken advantage of this opportunity and can relate to these ladies. I think it’s really good for us to hear of others who have experienced problems similar to ours. I know it really helped me when my EX divorced me. I took advantage of the church’s program for people who were divorced. It really helped me to listen to how divorce had affected them. Some were really much worse than mine. At least I didn’t have young children who had to go through that drastic time. My daughter was already an adult and was going thru a divorce, of her own choosing, herself. She was much more brave than I was. But the divorce class made me a much stronger person and I was even able to help another one who was having a much rougher time then me! I think we can always find someone who’s life is much worse than our own.
    I pray for you to continue to benefit from this weekend!
    God is good and He’s in control of everything!
    One day at a time!
    Freida ;-)


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