Random Monday Ramblings

Sorry for the silence. Canon and Kate had fall-break last week (while Anne’s school was still in session) so I tried to make the most of my time with just those two. I think we squeezed a lot in our mornings, and the two munchkins had good attitudes as they went to all of Anne’s therapy sessions in the afternoons.

Time has a way of healing. When I look at Anne – I see more of our ‘new’ Anne and my longings for the ‘old’ Anne aren’t painfully sharp… they’ve become dull. I don’t think the longings will ever go away – especially as I open my fingers to acceptance more and more. But acceptance is coming easier, and the longings seem more like happy memories than sharp reminders of loss. Time heals.

God is sweet to open my eyes to His work in Anne. She has a way of bringing blessing to others – complete strangers are taken with her. We’re often late as she engages anyone (who will listen) in conversation. We were at Canon’s ballgame on Saturday, and a woman I barely recognized walked up and didn’t speak to me – but to Anne. Anne remembered her name (I sure didn’t), and the woman had remembered to bring Anne a gift. Anne beamed as she held her new, pink, little Mermaid workbook.

I think it’s a privilege to be Anne’s mom. I’m awfully grateful ;-)

4 thoughts on “Random Monday Ramblings

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Hi Mom,

    What a soothing balm it must be for your weary heart, to have Him open your eyes to & confirm for your heart, the incredible blessing THIS Anne is and will become.
    Of COURSE you’ll ALWAYS and forever have a special place in your heart, for the Anne born of your first five years together. Nothing can take away those memories.
    And that amazing initial essence of who Anne was, was the building block God used to fashion this new Anne. Without her being who she was originally, she never in a million years would have had any chance of becoming who she’s beginning to be today. It is BECAUSE of those amazing beginnings and that strong vital spirit, that ANY Anneness was preserved after that devistating accident.
    And then, it’s like God took the remnents of who she’d been, added the power of all our prayers, your hearts desires and your willingness to go to any length….He took all that and wrapped it together on His potter’s wheel, breathed His breath of life into it all anew, and behold, we are blessed with a new Anne. One who draws others to her. One who has yet to become all she can be….one who’s continually being molded by the Master’s hand, lead and guided by you, Eric and Precious Mary Kate and Canon.
    Yes indeed, He maketh all things new. Albeit different….yet no less powerful, magnificent or wonderous…..
    Thank you for continuing to share your heart and your journey.

    Caring about you always, and lifting you up in Prayer-Songs throughout each day,


      • Lucel-Melody Wings says:

        I love making cards for you all (sorry it’s been awhile)…..Each one comes with specific prayers for that particular person…..that happens without cards…..but it’s especially Holy when actually touching something that you will recieve, while being enveloped by Him….I pray you will be swimming floating and enjoying the ocean of His presence in your lives….and as in our mother’s womb….forever becoming made new…..I see Anne as a butterfly….and Cannon as that tadpole-become frog and leaping forth to love and serve Him even more profoundly than ever before. I haven’t seen Kate enough to have a “picture” of her….and am eager to see how she is changed/rearranged/transformed as a reult of knowing “both” Annes……may she, especially, have a strong and firm foundation and trust in Him. Love all of you!

        PS Today’s the first time I realzied that sometimes you reply…..talk about NOT being savvy, Lol. What a joy and healing balm to my heart, to discover many of your kind words, just waiting for me. Hugs.


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