Happy Anniversary…

to me!

Eric and I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary today. I confess, I’m not that great at celebrating. I’ve always been a bit boring in that category – or maybe I should spin it as “low maintenance.” Yeah, that sounds better :-)

Mile markers are healthy. I’m thankful I was blissfully oblivious to God’s plan for us when we married that day. Thankfully, tragedy hasn’t split us apart, and we continue to fight to stay connected.

This week is marked by a different type of celebration though… a much sadder type. Eric’s grandmother, we believe, is living the last few days of her life under hospice care. She is 96 years old, so we are thankful for her long and full life! Eric was always especially close to his grandmother. He has spent too many hours bedside… First was his mom (named Anne), who died at home after years of fighting brain cancer. Then there was our second little Anne – and all the hours wondering if she would die too – and now his grandmother.

Years after his mom died, I was sorting through her old photographs and found a picture of Eric in his college days. She had hand-written on the back, “My sweet Eric.” …my sentiments exactly!

One thought on “Happy Anniversary…

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Happy Anniversary.
    HOORAY for managing to find ways to create bonds during a time when many are torn assunder.
    What an amazing Celebration of 14 years. Quiet or loud, it is noteworthy!
    Hope you both have a blessed day.

    Celebrating Eric’s Grandmother and her life…and thanking her for the life she has lived, that gave us Eric….ripples going ever outward, because she’s here. May she have deep, abiding peace as she transitions from this world unto the next, and may Eric (and all of you) be held in the Hollow of His hand, as you say your goodbyes, be they in person or in your hearts.


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