A conversation with daddy…

Our “new” Anne is very different than our “old” Anne, but some of those differences are good… Anne has much more freedom of expression, and she has been much happier lately. When she’s happy, she squeals… literally, she squeals with delight! This is a conversation that Eric had with Anne during one of her “squealing” sessions…

Eric: Anne, God has shown me something about you.

Anne: What daddy?

Eric: God has given you the gift of joy.

Anne: But daddy, my name means “grace.”

Eric: You’re right! It is by God’s grace that He has enabled you to have much joy!

Anne’s joy in the midst of struggle is a picture of God’s amazing grace to us!!! That’s something to squeal about :-)

2 thoughts on “A conversation with daddy…

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    LOVE this insight.
    Squealing with delight, when joy-filled: WOW, what an approach to life!
    Exactly the reminder I was needing, grin. Thanks.


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