Pray for Anne…

November 2011’s prayer requests:

  1. Anne has made many improvements since the beginning of school, but she is still lacking a desire or ability to put forth EFFORT. Please pray that Anne would learn to persevere during difficult activities during both school and therapy.
  2. Anne’s seizures seem to be waning. Please pray they would completely go away without medical intervention.
  3. Anne has been asking TONS of questions about Jesus dying on the cross. She thinks about this all the time and all of its implications… forgiveness, justification, God’s love and sacrifice. Please pray that God would use these questions and wrestlings to deepen and strengthen her faith in Him.
  4. For Anne to continue to do well in school; and for her to gain more control of her impulsiveness which can be a distraction in the classroom (talking out of turn, mouthing inappropriate objects, reaching for and touching others when she should keep her hands to herself, etc.)
  5. For Anne’s left ankle… for it to loosen and strengthen so she can support her weight on her left foot without her braces.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. Debbie Long says:


    I pray for my little honey bee every night and I will add your request into my prayers. I know the times are hard for her and for you and I pray that God will sustain you. We are so blessed to still have her!!! Tell her I love her and miss her. I finish school in December so hopefully will have more time to come visit. Give my love to Cannon, Kate, and Eric.

    Miss Debbie


  2. beth says:

    kathryn you have always been one of the strongest and most grace filled people I have been blessed to share this life journey with. I will pray for Anne, for you, and for your beautiful, loving family.


    • Oh my goodness!!!! Beth!!! After all these years… Thank you so much for praying for Anne. That means so much to me! I’m so grateful you commented. It is so encouraging to know that you are tracking and praying with us. love, love, love! -k


  3. Rebecca says:

    I’m thinking about Dear Anne contemplating Jesus dying on the cross and wonder if she is asking because of Christ’s suffering. I hope through her questions she sees she has a loving Companion in her present suffering— one acquanited with grief and a high priest who understands our pain—and that ultimately…along with his suffering, she also joins Him in His victory… Sweet, sweet, Anne. We are all broken and long to be whole again…you dear, dear child! We are all creatures living in the shadow of something more complete, the outline of which we can only barely see in the distance…I look forward to the day when we will skip and run and dance in His presence–together!!


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