Anne is still healing

I’ve been encouraged lately by little bits of progress that Anne is making. All of Anne’s little gains add up to one conclusion… Anne is still healing. I’m so thankful for God continuing to knit neurons together in Anne’s brain!!

Here’s a sampling of Anne’s “small” gains :-)

  • Her smile is starting to include both sides of her mouth – not all the time, but we are seeing that left side of her smile more and more.
  • She is tracking words from left to right more consistently in school.
  • She can stand up out of her car seat all by herself – and scoot herself back into her car seat with verbal cues.
  • She is learning how to stand from a sitting position by first pulling herself from sitting, to kneeling to standing. She uses her right hand to hold on to something for support and balance, and she’s real close to doing this by herself with only verbal cues.
  • She is becoming just a little bit shy… (she was painfully shy before).
  • She is also better behaved in school and is really trying to keep her name on “green” instead of on “yellow” or “red.”
  • She has mastered her 50 sight words and is beginning to learn more.
  • She is counting objects now. This might seem small, but she wasn’t even close to being able to do this last May. I’m very excited!
  • She is ticklish. She hasn’t been in a long time. It’s fun to see her laugh :-)
  • She can lift her left hand from her lap and place it on the table all by herself – without her right hand helping at all.
  • She’s walking farther… 300 feet at school with a walker before she starts to tire.
  • She can sit and listen to a whole picture book being read. She used to close the book after just a few pages.

Anne still has a long way to go, but we are so thankful for her continued progress! If you want to know how to pray more specifically for Anne, I update the top post on my blog on the 1st of every month with new prayer requests for Anne. And if you want to be notified by email each time I update the blog, just look on the right side for the “follow” button.

Thank you so much for your support of our family. We are so grateful!

2 thoughts on “Anne is still healing

  1. Reading all this wonderful progress gave me cold chills! I’m so very proud of Anne! She’s trying really hard it seems! As I’ve said before, God’s not through with her yet! Reading this just made my day! Thanks so much for keeping us informed! It’s great to hear when she’s done some really miraculous things. God is working on Anne! She’s a project in progress! Just be patient!
    God bless!


  2. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    I’m not surprised that God continues to bring His healing touch to Anne’s body/mind/spirit. He continues to bring healing to areas of my brain that are constantly damaged by uncontrollable seizures…..
    and today, I wouldn’t trade the brain I have, for the one I used to have.

    His hand-prints are all over my world and life… sooooo very honored for His indwelling……what “looks” broken to the world, is often simply Him making something far more beautiful than anything that existed before or could exist otherwise.

    Is my life vastly different than it once was or could have been? Indeed. I’m very cognicent of those minute details. Nor is it lost on me that I am far closer to Him now than I ever was before (and we were “tight” then….but this is sooo different, so much more intimate, so very personal. And the people my life touches…..far different.

    Did I start out being grateful for what I then saw as disabilities, heart-break and utter distruction of a life of service to Him? No. I did not have this larger view then. I was stuck in the pain and shock and seemingly devistation of it all.

    What an incredible journey.
    And this is how I KNOW He’s got something amazing in store for Anne as well…..and for each member of your family, too. He entrusted Anne into the right family’s care….and the journey….ALL of it, the heartbreak, the anger, the fear, the uncertainty, the struggles…they WILL all be transformed.

    Continuing to lift you up dearest family, and caring about you always,


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