Inner disability

Disability… I never thought I would spend so much time thinking about this word.  Our modern world of tolerance likes to color-coat disability and say… “there’s nothing wrong with them… they are just different.” Hmphf. I totally disagree. There is something very wrong with Anne – and there is something very wrong with all the other children that we know that struggle with disability. Their bodies are broken. How can you look at a disabled CHILD and not think… “This is wrong!!! It’s not supposed to be this way!!!!!”

Well, it’s not supposed to be this way. Disability is just one symptom of our fallen world. Hunger, disease, poverty, apathy – they are all symptoms of the brokenness in our world… and in our hearts.

Anne just wears her brokenness on the outside… The rest of us can hide it deep-down on the inside. There is something wrong with Anne. And with me.

Bottomline… we are all spiritually disabled. Remember the story of Jesus healing the paralytic (from Matthew 9 and Mark 2)? He heals the man’s inner and outer disability. First, He forgives the man’s sins – and then He heals him physically. I’m thankful that Jesus does both!

“So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day” 2 Corinthians 4:16.

2 thoughts on “Inner disability

  1. Anne Wenger says:

    Yes, Kathryn, and prayer is one way of “rebelling against the status quo” of our broken world. Praying for you and the family as you continue to help Anne heal in the will of God.


  2. Kathryn,
    Oh how I agree with you! Just as a reminder…I taught children for 30 yrs. with “disabilities”. Yes, there is something “wrong” with them. For some of the them, the disability is very visible, but for others (which I taught) it’s not so visible! I taught children with learning disabilities and emotionally disturbed, but had experiences with all kinds of disabilities. I truly believe that all of us have at least one disability or even several of them! None of us are perfect! God didn’t mean for us to be! Please know, that I am well aware of your frustration! The world had labeled these children and it isn’t fair! They can’t help they way they are!
    Please, know I’m praying for your understanding and patience with these people who have no idea what a disability is other than what they see. I’m sure they, too, have some kind of disability! Perhaps they just haven’t looks at is as one, though!
    I pray for Anne, your family and all that you have to deal with from day to day!
    God bless!


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