School update

I think I’ve shared before how grateful I am for Anne’s school… but it bears repeating :-)

We had Anne’s annual IEP meeting last week – which is basically a time when all of Anne’s teachers and therapists gather in one room to review Anne’s progress and set new goals for the year. I always cry at these meetings… and I always feel silly when I do – but I can’t help it. I cry when I’m grateful, and I’m just so grateful for all the people that seem to be “for” Anne. They are truly rooting for Anne to do well, and I feel they give their absolute best to help her reach her potential.

Anne receives Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy at school. She is in a regular kindergarten class, and she has her own para-professional to assist her in all of her school tasks – from writing to walking. Her para-pro is an answer to prayer. He (yes, I said “he”) is a recent college grad who has a degree in phys. ed. …He wants to coach – but he had to settle for being a para-pro… to a difficult seven-year old girl (who LOVES him – oh yes. Anne loves him.) He is so steady. He has endured much abuse from Anne – biting, hitting – but he never loses his temper – he just hands out the appropriate consequence. He notices subtle behaviors in Anne that others would easily miss – both good and bad. He takes the initiative to do more than what is expected to help her reach her potential. He really is impressive!

Anne’s primary special ed. teacher is so dedicated. I feel like it’s her number one goal to provide the best services for Anne. Her therapists are all great, but Anne especially loves her Physical Therapist, Ms. Lynn. Somehow Lynn is able to push her without Anne getting too upset. Today she walked farther than she ever had… and she is starting to propel the walker a few steps by herself!

How much farther Ms. Lynn?

Finally, the counselor at Anne’s school recently reached out to me. She is going to include Anne in her Rainbows program (which helps kids cope with grief, feelings of being different, etc.) She told me that when Anne came to Nickajack, she took the initiative to read all of Anne’s CaringBridge site – just to familiarize herself with Anne’s history. She’s been following Anne, and determined that Anne’s self awareness has improved so that she would benefit from her Rainbows group. She’s right… It is the perfect time. Anne’s counselor was just named the NATIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELOR OF THE YEAR. Now that’s amazing!!!! The AJC  ran an article about her. You can read about her here.

Anne is doing so well in school… but one of the reasons is because she goes to a great school and she is surrounded by great professionals! Go Nickajack!!!!

2 thoughts on “School update

  1. All of this is music to my ears! Having been on the Sp.Ed Teacher end of the IEP’s for 30 years, I know what it’s like to be able to sit down with the parents and give them good news and tell them of the great new plans we have for their child! I’ve seen more parents cry than not, so you’re no different that a lot of the parents. Anne is such a magnificent work in progress! She is so fortunate to have a para a-pro! He sounds like just what Anne needs! I’m sure she loves him!
    Anne, you and your family are so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people who are dedicated to Anne and her improvement! God has provided all of these services through these people for Anne! Have faith in them and in God to continue working with Anne and there are no boundaries to what goals she will achieve!
    God bless and enjoy the holiday season! I’m sure that Christmas will be an exciting time in your house this year!


  2. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    HOORAY for people who work from their heart, pushing their own expertise in order to aide an amazing lil girl and her incredible family! HOORAY for people giving More, of seeing the need and reaching to meet it.
    HOORAY for love and it’s transforming power, in both the loved and the lover.
    HOORAY for Life and for an Awesome God.
    HOORAY for Anne.
    And HOORAY for you, sweet Mama.

    Prayer-Songs continue to flow….


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