Sleepy Conversations

It’s late… 11:30pm or so, and Anne just called out for me. It’s rare that she wakes up at night, so I went straight to her room….

“Mommy, I called your name because I need your help to get comfy.”
“Okay Anne” and I bent down to kiss her head…
“Mommy, you know… you are real close to my fragile part. Be careful, Mommy”
“I won’t kiss your fragile part, Anne. I promise.”
“Do you think I need music to go back to sleep?”
“No, Anne. It’s the middle of the night. You will go right back to sleep.”
“Goodnight, Mommy.”

It always amazes me how perfectly she speaks… using full sentences, flawless grammar and precise diction. Even when she is half-asleep – the verbal part of her brain works… and it works well. It’s a good thing to go to bed grateful to God for my little girl’s brain.

It’s a good. good. night.

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