An update on Anne

Anne continues to make slow and steady progress.

Let’s see… Physically, she is smiling on both sides of her mouth and stretching her left fingers out straight 4 or 5 times a day. Whenever she uses these “new” muscles, she gets really excited. “Look at my big smile, mommy!!!” “Look, look! Look at my hand!”  Can you imagine not feeling the left side of your mouth or not being able to stretch out the fingers in your left hand – and all of a sudden being able to do it??  To me, it’s more evidence that God is continuing to heal.

Anne's pretty smile

Anne has also made big jumps cognitively. More of her personality is emerging. A good, upbeat song will come on the radio and Anne will say, “Oh Yeah, baby!” Her sense of humor and ability to use words continues to improve. She seems overall, more content and happy – although she continues to struggle with insecurities over being different. For the most part, she is keeping up academically in school. She has a hard time writing, so she will probably qualify for adaptive technology for first grade (in other words, she’ll get to use a keyboard to complete her work.) She is also less irritable and has a bit more stamina – which makes our lives a little easier, especially in the evenings.

Anne’s seizures have drastically decreased in frequency, duration and intensity – but she is still having 1-2 very short, mild seizures a day. We’ll see the neurologist again in March to discuss our next plan of attack. But thankfully, the intense (horrible) seizures she was having over Christmas break stopped after we increased her current medication a smidgen. Thank you for your prayers!

She still struggles with her walking, although she has made progress – it’s just not fast progress :-) She walks well with her walker, but she cannot propel or steer the walker by herself, so she has a ways to go before she can walk independently… that’s my dream-goal for Anne – that she might be independent one day. We’ll just have to wait and see :-)

She still likes to mouth objects, but I think peer pressure is helping to curb that impulse. The other kindergartners just think it’s strange when she puts the wooden food in her mouth! This is just one example of why we are so grateful Anne is in a regular kindergarten class. There is so much value in positive behavior models for Anne!

Anne’s rehab doctor is still concerned about the tightness in Anne’s left foot. Her left foot is stuck pointed down and in. This is a direct result of the brain injury – her brain is unable to send the correct signals to the muscles to tell her foot to relax. He’s persuaded me to start her on a medication that reduces muscle spasticity. I’m praying it doesn’t affect her mood or stamina level.

Anne continues to be a source of great joy in our family. She has a unique ability to endear herself to others, so she brings joy to many people outside our family as well. This is a source of great encouragement to us! Our prayer is that God is glorified through this difficult circumstance, and when we see a glimpse of His glory in our lives, we are strengthened to persevere with gratitude!

Thank you so much for praying for our family for so long!!!

Gratefully, kathryn

5 thoughts on “An update on Anne

  1. barbara summey says:

    Thank you for the updates, Still praying for her. I have seen her picture in churches.
    I know alot of people is praying for her. Take Care Kathryn. Love the Summeys
    Ricky and Barbara pray for my husband he has that bad disease call cancer.


  2. All of these things you have told us about Anne’s improvements just “tickle me pink”! I am so excited! The picture of precious Anne is so lovely! She’s got the greatest smile! Way to go, Anne! She’s a true inspiration to all of us who’ve been thru her struggles and rehab with her. She’s such a delight!
    God does answer our prayers in His own time and in His own way! We just have to be patient and wait upon the Lord. He’s not through with Anne by no means! She’s a work in progress, for sure!
    I pray that this new medication is what she needs to loosen her foot and make if more flexible without interfering with her other meds and her behavior. You’ll just need to monitor it and see. Good luck!
    You and your husband are such great, great parents! You’re so brave!
    I pray for each of you every night and will continue to do so!
    God bless all of you!
    God is in control!


  3. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    What an Awesome and Amazing Share.
    Sounds like God is indeed busy at work in Anne’s life, as He is in each of yours/ous (but isn’t it NICE when we can actually “see” it? Great treasures for those times when we cannot)
    …….AND with the Jackson-God-Team: wonders will never cease!
    Looking forward to seeing how things continue to unfold for each of you.
    And yes, ferverant Prayer-Songs continue to flow steadily on your behalf.
    Much Love & Warm Support,


  4. Hal & Cathy Friesen says:

    Thanks again for another update. We continue to pray daily for those small steps of progress. Our God is able and faithful! Cathy & Hal


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