Pray for Anne…

April 2012’s prayer requests:

  1. For wisdom concerning Anne’s Baclofen medication. Baclofen is the muscle relaxer used to reduce spasticity in her left foot, and so far the medication has been effective. But strangely, it acts as a stimulant in Anne resulting in lowered attention span and increased impulsivity. Please pray that we could find the right balance to decrease this negative side affect.
  2. Recently, Anne’s impulse to put everything in her mouth has greatly increased. Please pray for her oral fixation to greatly decrease (this could also be connected to the baclofen…)
  3. For Anne’s inner desire to do things for herself.. like walk and write and eat – to increase so she can begin to gain more independence,
  4. And lastly, for Anne to continue to wrestle with God’s goodness and love for her – and ultimately for her to grow to be a faithful woman of God!

Thank you!

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