Long Way Home

My new favorite song:

Sometimes messages of hope can seem trite to a heavy heart. But this song manages to hold hope in the midst of sorrow. Steven Curtis Chapman knows grief, and it shows in this song. Hope is the rope that pulls the grief-stricken out of the dark well. It is what I have been lacking. This song helps.

4 thoughts on “Long Way Home

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    I really liked this song. His style, his intensity, his wording….neat stuff. Yes, it does indeed sound like he knows what he’s talking about.
    As I was listening, there seemed to be something in my heart that I needed to wrap words around and share with you, felt called to share, yet it’s one of those elusive things that are known deep within but not said so much with words….

    So often in the beginning of my health-journey, I was lost, alone and tossed about. Gradually, over time, I came to slowly recognize His handiwork, came to know the unique ways I have of growing….came to know Him in an ever deepening and new way.
    I grew to trust Him, and me and our journey together. SOme deep truths began to emerge, that remained unfailingly the same, no matter what new tragedy, challenge or health issue hit. He and I gained a “track record” for traveling thru gut-wrenching stuff……until gradually, it wasn’t gut-wrenching any more, didn’t tear me up or fill me with fear…..
    It’s like a new thing would hit and I knew where we were, what would happen….I recognized His heart-prints, understood where I was in my growth process and knew the way thru. Then the heartache truly became joy…. and tho I have normal human ups and downs with it, there is constantly, consistanly, a solid, unchanging anchor, a strength that doesn’t waiver…..as well as a solid, strong sense of gratitude and praise…. Until, truthfully, I wouldn’t trade who I was/the physical health I had, for who I am/where I am.
    I know I’ve said this next part before….that, tho I had hopes and dreams and aspirations….a life full of people and joy and service and family…..and it LOOKS like I don’t have ANY of that, not even the smallest smidgeon…..but when I look thru different eyes…..He’s bestowed all that, just in a different form. And even as I strive to continue to learn/grow/change, I no longer chaff at or against the journey

    Why do I share this? To offer hope. To let you know more and more along the way you will recognize His hand and His touch amid the chaos and tsunami storms. Together you will grow something strong and unwaivering deep within you….so gradually, the outsides might be tossed about, but the insides will be anchored in a deepness you cannot even begin to fathom now. All the changes youv’e gone thru, all the amazing things you’ve shared……as rich as they are, as increidble as they are….there are finer things in store. Way beyond your wildest imaginings….but you will grow into knowing them, living them, celebrating them….and as you have, sharing them with the world.

    Thank you for daring to travel the journey….and for sharing the wonders and beacons of hope along the way.

    Much Love, Warm Suport and Prayer-Songs contineu to flow….


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